Yeti E- Liquid - 3MG - 100ML

Yeti E- Liquid - 3MG - 100ML

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Yeti 3mg 100ml

Finally the full range of Yeti’s flavours have arrived on our shelves!

Available in 3mg nicotine and 100ml chubby gorilla bottles! Pick your favourite below.

Yeti Salts E-liquid is the latest products to take the industry by storm.

These products are incredibly juicy and dangerously Icy. We recommend that users try this product with caution, as we are hearing more & more reports of peoples minds being blown after the consumption of Yeti E-Liquids.


  • Apricot Watermelon- Rare juicy Blend of Watermelon fused with tangy apricots.
  • Blood Orange & Grape- Juicy blend of sweet black grapes fused with zesty and citrusy blood oranges.
  • Blueberry Peach- Mysteriously iced blueberries pressed into a fleshy snowball with a sweet peach nectar.
  • Blue Raspberry- Wild Raspberries handpicked, crushed and slushed into a blizzard of profound flavour.
  • Cherry- A Glacial delicacy from the snow scapes of Alaska, This succulent dark cherry flavour is a flavour best served cold.-
  • Dark Fruits- A rare juicy blend of bold dark berries fused with a blast of ice that tops off this mix creating a frozen fruit vape.
  • Energy- Charged with frozen crystals- reach dizzying heights with this bolt from blue.
  • Honeydew Black current- The perfect winter nectar forged from the steepest icecaps, then laced with frozen currants.
  • Orange Mango- Frozen in time,  classic blend of orange and mango come together to create an avalanche of flavour.
  • Passion Fruit & Lychee- Tangy Passion fruit notes paired with a sweet lychee dominating the inhale, Then paired with an icy blast for extra cooling tropical vape.
  • Strawberry- From the slopes of the arctic circle, this indulgent strawberry keeps it 100 degrees below.
  • Watermelon- Deep in the frozen mountains, thick ice is chiselled away to reveal this luscious watermelon treat.
  • Grape- Divine grapes frozen at high altitude, chopped and pressed into an icy mix. The perfect adventure awaits.

Yeti is the coldest, tastiest E-Liquid brand on the market. There is no secret ingredients in here… Just a bit of clever cooking by the Yeti Himself.

Ratio: 70/30

Available Nicotine Strengths: 3mg
Available Sizes: 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle