Yeti - Longfill Aroma - (30ml flavour shot) 120ml bottle

Yeti - Longfill Aroma - (30ml flavour shot) 120ml bottle

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  • Apricot & Watermelon- Rare juicy Blend of Watermelon fused with tangy apricots.
  • Blueberry & Peach - Mysteriously iced blueberries pressed into a fleshy snowball with a sweet peach nectar.
  • Blue Raspberry - Wild Raspberries handpicked, crushed and slushed into a blizzard of profound flavour.
  • Cherry- A Glacial delicacy from the snow scapes of Alaska, This succulent dark cherry flavour is a flavour best served cold.-
  • Dark Fruits - A rare juicy blend of bold dark berries fused with a blast of ice that tops off this mix creating a frozen fruit vape.
  • Energy - Charged with frozen crystals- reach dizzying heights with this bolt from blue.
  • Honeydew & Blackcurrant- The perfect winter nectar forged from the steepest icecaps, then laced with frozen currants.
  • Passion Fruit & Lychee - Tangy Passion fruit notes paired with a sweet lychee dominating the inhale, Then paired with an icy blast for extra cooling tropical vape.
  • Pineapple & Grapefruit - Yeti Pineapple Grapefruit features a tropical blend of tangy pineapples fused with grapefruits and a blast of ice menthol that tops off this fantastic mix creating a frozen fruit vape!
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava IceThe name of the liquid says it all: it's a mix of three amazing fruits - kiwi, passion fruit, and guava - that will give you a very tasty tropical taste. And the range lives up to its name with the icy finish.
  • Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Ice
    A red slushy flavour mixing all of your favourite fruits into one wonderful drink and finishes with a cold icy taste.
  • Blue Razz Cherry Ice
    A sour twist on a fruity blend. On each inhale, you can taste the mixture of blue raspberry and cherry with just the right amount of sweet, sour taste followed by an icy taste on exhale for a perfect finish..

Yeti is the coldest, tastiest E-Liquid brand on the market. There is no secret ingredients in here… Just a bit of clever cooking by the Yeti Himself.

DIY Aroma Guide

  • Remove the Lid
  • Remove the Top Cap
  • Fill with 80ml VG
  • Fill with 10ml Nic Shot
  • Replace Top Cap & Lid
  • Shake Well to Mix

DIY Nic Shot Guide

  • 24mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 2mg 120ml
  • 36mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 3mg 120ml
  • 60mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 5mg 120ml
  • 72mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 6mg 120ml