Classic Prime Salts - 30ml - 35mg & 50mg

Classic Prime Salts - 30ml - 35mg & 50mg

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Energy Drink Salts

The classic energy drink flavour perfected by prime.

Green Slushy Salts

The movie classic, green slushy.

Blue Razz Salts

The blue raspberry juice you just can’t get enough of!

Grape Energy

Refreshing iced energy drink with a hint of grape.

Peach Ice

Refreshing peaches topped with ice.

Refreshing Mint

The classic refreshing mint flavour perfected by prime.

Lush Peach Ice

Another award-winning juice from the makers of Prime, 2nd Place finisher at VapeCon 2022. Lush Peach
Ice, a subtle peach juice with some fresh watermelon and ice to top it off.